The Gig Economy

It’s a dog-eat-dog world at the moment. It seems every other day big businesses are folding, people are losing jobs, some quit their jobs, and of course people struggle to get new jobs. It’s just not looking great for us.

Thankfully as part of that change a new economy is emerging, it’s called the Gig Economy.

What is the gig economy

Gig economy refers the growing number of workers abandoning traditional 9 to 5 employment in favour of working independently on a task-by-task basis for various employers.

In a ‘gig economy’ temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements.

Some might say that the gig economy is a part of a shifting culture and business environment. Sharing and bartering amongst local communities has been in practice for centuries and are nothing new. We do however agree with the business environment where there are significant shifts from full-time employment to part-time and casual employment.

To support this new trend start-ups are focusing on offering businesses access to talented pools of individuals. Examples include:

Even LinkedIn has jumped on the bandwagon, extening their social media platform to include Profinder.

Side Gigs in a Gig Economy

Here at imoonlight we see side gigging as a subset of the gig economy. The distinction being Upwork and the like target businesses to hire talent, most attract a commission for every transaction made.

At imoonlight, we are targeting the ‘little guy’ … those who haven’t yet turned their passion into a full time business. Our idea is based on that old concept of moonlighting. Bring back moonlighters we say.

We want these moonlighters to succeed and build the confidence to move into their own full time business or a profitable steady part-time income. Unfortunately in some cases we just want see our citizens put food on the table.

Are you ready to start your own side hustle?