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Looking for side jobs.

General repair work. Small engine work, lawn mowers, snow blowers, generators, car and truck repair, maintenance, detailing, small body repair and paint work, tractor repainting.

Basically if it has wheels and needs fixing, cleaning, painting, buffing, I’m your guy!!

Cheap labor rates, good work! State and PPG certified auto body repair and paint, just lacking equipment to do major repair.

Would love to get them eye sore scratches out for you, or get your vehicle safe and running well for you. Also know my way around auto electrical pretty well, so if you need any type of wiring or car audio done, I can do that too!!

Depending on the job, I can do it at your place, if need be or easier for you!!

Contact me on here or via phone to get pricing and set an appointment, and I’ll get ya fixed!!

We also haul scrap metal too, we’ll pay you a third of what’s paid for your scrap metals, just to call us and let us take if out for you!!

Paint By The Saint


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