Interesting article about how everyone will need to be a lifelong learner to stay relevant over the course of an entire career. Written by Kevin H. Johnson is the CEO of Udemy, it suggests everyone will need to prepare themselves for career changes by pursuing education and developing resilience.

Blue-collar jobs are dwindling however a new category of jobs is growing … jobs that require a baseline of technical skills but not necessarily a four-year degree. Coined new collar jobs, these exciting new careers opportunities are for people with a diverse range of backgrounds and qualifications.

The newest and most experienced workers alike need to consider themselves “new-collar workers” who adopt new technology and add new skills continuously in their careers. To make this happen, Johnson discusses the responsibilities of employers, the government, and individuals in this equation.

For the individual it takes discipline, resilience, and personal initiative to reskill and become a lifelong learner. That willingness and the ability to learn is the most valuable “skill” anyone can possess and lifelong learners will always have an advantage over those who aren’t.

These skills are essential for anyone wishing to enter the gig economy. You can start by satisfying a curiosity, exploring a new hobby, or developing a side hustle as your knowledge grows.

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