There’s been a bit of activity in the side gig space this week. We found some information on high paying gigs, a few of reasons to kickstart a side hustle (and what to do when it kicks off) … and some inspiring stories. Enjoy

Time magazine and PayScale complied this list of highest paying side gigs:

  1. DJ — $65.70 per hour (typically work 5 hours per week)
  2. Musician or singer — $43.40 per hour (typically work 4 hours per week)
  3. Photographer — $36.20 per hour (typically work 5 hours per week)
  4. Makeup Artist — $34.00 per hour (typically work 5 hours per week)
  5. Piano Teacher — $31.20 per hour (typically work 5 hours per week)
  6. Pilates Instructor — $26.30 per hour (typically work 5 hours per week)
  7. Interpreter — $25.50 per hour (typically work 5 hours per week)
  8. Personal Trainer — $23.10 per hour (typically work 5 hours per week)
  9. Dance Teacher — $22.00 per hour (typically work 5 hours per week)
  10. Handyman — $21.60 per hour (typically work 5 hours per week)

… the other 15 at

The data was compiled from 32,177 PayScale profiles who self-reported working less than 10 hours per week. A phlebotomist is someone who performs phlebotomy, which is essentially drawing blood from a patient for clinical or medical testing, transfusions, donations, or research. Not your typical side hustle but one that shows some promise.

Ride share gigs like Uber and Lyft weren’t mentioned above. If you are considering ride-sharing be sure to consider these things before joining the ranks within Lyft.

So … why would you start your side hustle now? Amy Morin throws down 5 reasons in her post.

  1. Multiple sources of income provide financial security
  2. You’ll discover talents and passions you didn’t know you had
  3. You’ll learn valuable skills
  4. You’ll gain a sense of purpose
  5. It could lead to bigger opportunities than your day job

Keen? Start your side hustle here. And when you get the cogs in motion, there’s that critical point where you can start considering your side hustle as a full time business. Their first point “[Once} you’ve laid the foundation for future expenses” is particularly important. A leap of faith will require some financial planning in anticipation of extra expenses and any shortfall in income whilst building your brand.

Below Beauty Entrepreneur Bobbi Brown Explains the ‘Secret Sauce’ to Building a Brand Loved By Everyone

More inspiration and some sound advice can be gleaned from Cuban born Nely Galán and Courtney Sanders.

Nely Galán, amongst other things, has launched 10 television channels in Latin America, produced more than 700 television episodes in English and Spanish, appeared on Celebrity Apprenice.

Courtney Sanders runs a growing consulting business called Think and Grow Chick.

All the best.

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