Start this working week with a few side hustling ideas that won’t add an extra 20 hours to your work week. Will plotting maps for self-driving cars be the next big side gig thing? How should/are employers answering the desire of employees to side hustle? We cover these and more in this week’s blog.

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Some easy options for college students are covered by this OnClass article entitled Top 5 Side Hustles for College Students. Those looking outside the box might want to look to the future for emerging trends and opportunities. Wired magazine focus on breakthroughs and innovations that lead to new ways of thinking, new connections, and new industries. Here they talk about the need for a new maps for self-driving cars, maps that are very different. Read their Your Next Gig: Map the Streets For Self-Driving Cars story.

For those aspiring to more than just a side gig plotting maps, Entrepreneur magazine wants to lay down a few ground rules to avoid mistakes or burn out before you even get your company off the ground. Guest writer, Jared Hecth, outlines these in 4 Must-Follow Tips for Moonlighting as an Entrepreneur. These include

  1. Don’t break any rules
  2. Automate what you can
  3. Prepare for success
  4. Take care of yourself

In regards to not breaking any rules, it’s becoming increasingly evident that progressive employers are seeing value in having employees with a side hustle. Simon Lawson believes side hustles might make for better employees. Read more on Mumbrella.

On that note, this 2016 FastCompany article focuses on companies like Asana, Dropbox and Dell that are finding ways to change expectations around meetings and face time. They also build a culture of accountability and support that makes it possible for employees to control their own time.

Business Management warns from banning employees from performing any jobs outside working hours as a way to drive away good workers. Offering a sample moonlighting policy, they suggest adding elements to prohibit employees from engaging in other employment while they are at work. Elements like:

  • Explicitly prohibit employees from conducting outside work on company time or using company resources
  • Don’t let employees take moonlighting jobs with competitors

For those needing a trade or service, imoonlight allows users to search through common trade and service categories; baking cakes, tutoring, bookkeeping, etc. Moonlighters can specify what days they are available to work, their experience and where appropriate, confirm that they have the necessary qualifications to legally do the job.

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