In this week’s edition of The Weekly Hustle we stream a podcast, a survey by, advice on how to run a side hustle and maintain full-time employment and we link to a video about Holy Honey … the sticky kind.

Duct Tape Marketing’s podcast interviews author Chris Guillebeau asking questions such as:

  • Should everybody have a side hustle?
  • Can you turn a hobby into a side hustle?
  • Is there a path for people who want to replace their job with a side hustle?

Listen to Enhance Your Life With a Side Hustle

Read the podcast’s transcript

Following on from Chris’ advice we’d just like to remind everyone to bear in mind tax implications when running a side hustle. conducted a survey on side hustles finding that of the 69.8 million Americans not declaring an income from side gigs, the worst offenders are millennials.

The general consensus for those starting out is, start small, keep your records and do what’s necessary to avoid any future tax evasion issues. The article ends with advice from some accounting practitioners on Why should we declare side-gig income.

Insidify, an African Career and HR Technology Company focused on tackling the unemployment problem, offers some great advice in their article how to successfully manage your day job and your side hustle business. They touch on these concepts:

  1. Understand that your full-time job still requires attention and energy
  2. Don’t let your day job suffer for your business and vice-versa
  3. Ensure you don’t just go through the process, grow through it.
  4. Ensure your day job and side hustle are interrelated
  5. Intentionally make room for your side business
  6. Invest in honing your time management skills

And we wrap up this weeks blog post with WKBW Buffalo report on Father Ryszard’s Holy Honey … yup … sometimes a local priest needs to fill a void too. This priest has a side gig producing honey.

For those needing a trade or service, imoonlight allows users to search through common trade and service categories; baking cakes, tutoring, bookkeeping, etc. Moonlighters can specify what days they are available to work, their experience and where appropriate, confirm that they have the necessary qualifications to legally do the job.

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