This week in our side hustle wrap-up we start by throwing some caution to the wind … check that you won’t put your stable job in jeopardy. Daily dot wraps it up with underground slime selling ring.

Citizen’s Voice kicks off by a reader asking about ramifications for her co-worker who is moonlighting as a consultant.

Fast Company hits hard and offers a ways to side-gig that can boost your income and your career simultaneously.

  1. Build a side hustle on the back of your work skills
  2. Ask your employer about non-competes
  3. Pitch an overtime project that lets you prove what your can do
  4. Pick up a customer service job (but not just any)
  5. Volunteer in exchange for free classes
  6. Barter your skills, then convert leads into freelance clients

Nature journal discusses alternative sources of income to cash-strapped researches which may provide opportunities for career development. Whilst Daisy’s modelling side job might not be for everyone Wenig, a postdoc at the University of Bremen’s Center for Computing and Communication Technologies in Germany, says “It is a great contrast to my scientific work, and it helps me to relax.”

Inspirational news from Bowling Green, Virginia where resident Fox-Ezell began pursuing woodworking as a side job whilst working at Spencer’s Coffee.

And we wrap things up with some early starters … a Brooklyn school discovered underground slime-selling rings and promptly broke up the 4th grade side hustle.

For those needing a trade or service, imoonlight allows users to search through common trade and service categories; baking cakes, tutoring, bookkeeping, etc. Moonlighters can specify what days they are available to work, their experience and where appropriate, confirm that they have the necessary qualifications to legally do the job.

Are you ready to start your own side hustle on one of the best freelance websites available.

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