Moonlighting Guide

When you’re looking to moonlight, it can be difficult to grab the attention of potential clients unless you have a compelling advertisement that draws them in. There are certain points you must make sure to hit when you are describing your advertisement. Once you hit these points, you will have numerous clients knocking on your door. This guide will explain the different types of qualities your job posting should have and you will be off to writing a great ad in no time.


  1. It is important to make sure your job title is clear, concise and straight to the point.

You must also make sure that there are enough words to make it informative as well. If you do not have a compelling job title, many people will skip right over your ad and continue looking.

To write a clear and concise job title, you must make sure that you are descriptive and use keywords that are relevant to the skills.

The best job titles average in length of 25-60 characters. Make sure that you are never using all caps as this tends to look like spam to potential browsers.

An example of a great job title is this: “Licensed Electrician Ready to Electrify Melbourne CBD” or “Need an SEO Expert? Watch you website traffic skyrocket”

An example of a bad advertisement title is this: “Great Cook”.

As you can see, using words to be descriptive about the job makes the title more compelling.


  1. Mention the area you are able or willing to work in.

This should always be done in the Work Wanted Title however if clarification is needed use the description field to list areas that you are willing to travel to for work.

As an experienced and licensed Auto Electrician based in Tweed Heads I am willing to travel to Central and Northern Gold Coast get your car electrics in tip-top shape.


    1. Availability is important too, always make sure you specify times available.

A fulltime employee could work evenings or weekends, a shift workers during the days or if on a FIFO, advise the prospective client of your roster.

  1. Another point to make in your job advertisement is to explain your skills and also let the browser know what you work are looking for.

It is important to list any required skills you posses and also any preferred types of jobs that are desired. If you leave out qualifications or license details, you will miss responses from people who want assurance of your work. It is best to save your time and also theirs by listing everything needed.


A delivery driver or courier might possess:

  • A valid driver’s license with a clean record
  • Experience working with customers and great customer service
  • Have a great sense of direction
  • Works independently
  • Own vehicle for transportation


  1. You will also want to describe what you can do as best as possible.

List the key elements of your desired jobs. Make sure to include any important information such as when you are available to work and expected rates / prices.


  • Example for a security guard: Qualified Security Guard will be responsible for the following duties:
    • Patrolling the outside areas
    • Maintaining perimeters and helping assist any people in need
    • Maintain the safety of all visitors to the site
    • Monitor security cameras and watch for any theft


  1. Always make sure that you include a phone number for prospective clients to reach you.

This also sets your ad apart from spam. Many spam companies will not place a phone number in their ad and potential employees feel better knowing they can contact the person directly if needed.


  1. Lastly, always make sure to spell check your job posting and write in a conversational tone that will engage your reader.


Writing a compelling moonlighting advertisement is not difficult; it just takes a little time. It is important to make sure your advertisement for work wanted is short and to the point. Remember that it is important to make sure you are reaching out to the right people and engaging prospective clients.