When it comes to a great market in a great local its hard to go past French Forest in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Held every Sunday from 9am to 1pm, the Market offers a wonderful opportunity for visitors from near and far to spend a beautiful Sunday morning among the local community, and then the afternoon thereafter at a cafe, restaurant, or nearby beach. First though, what is it that makes this market special?

A huge draw of the market it is organic fruit selection. Sure, Australia is not exactly short of great organic fruit providers (nor great markets for that matter!) but with the local area surrounding French Forest’s offering miles of coastline that runs all the way up to Queensland, the opportunity to seek out organic food grown and sold locally is a chief attraction for many who look to make a visit to the market.

Beyond this, a broader focus on health among market attractions can be seen. While it’s no surprise with the beauty of the surrounding harborside suburbs and beach that a health-conscious cuisine features, nonetheless even those who may not be on a diet, keen on paleo – but instead just a bonafide foodie! – shall relish the chance to seek out a Vegan gelato or a Chilli Cha Cha; a dish with 6 different types of chilli that is unforgettable to anyone who tries it.

Sign thanking for supporting local growers

French Forests Market: An Unmissable Community Attraction in Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Beyond food and cuisine the market also boasts a very healthy variety of supplements, minerals, and vitamins from local, new, and established brands. For those who love to try a product in person before they buy – or have perhaps searched online and been simply unable to find the product they seek – a trip to this market to try and buy face-to-face with some great health and wellness sellers is a fantastic feature of the market.

Best of all, while a market is great in any season with the spring and summer ahead the opportunity to enjoy the Market in its very best surrounds is on offer. Whether the afternoon thereafter takes you on a hike through the nearby Harborside Cook St trail, to a swim at Manly Beach – or maybe even a drive in the car with a surfboard atop to the iconic Whale Beach along the coast – just as this French Forest Market is wonderful so too is the opportunity to combine a morning with a first class afternoon in its vibrant locale.

French Forests Market: An Unmissable Community Attraction in Sydney’s Northern Beaches

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