Side hustles are taking Australia by storm. Essentially a 21st century version of moonlighting, the 2016 NBN Side Hustle report show 8 out of 10 Australians are now looking for options outside their 9-5 job.

Side hustles are a global trend in the gig economy. Increased connectivity and DIY websites are helping power the surge of these Australian micro-businesses.

Some key stats from this report include:

  • 76% are also looking to learn new skills
  • 65% would start a side hustle to be their own boss
  • 69% want to give their life further meaning and purpose
  • 56% want a side hustle because they’re sick of their work routine
  • 71% want to pursue passion projects through side gigs
  • 46% don’t feel challenged in their current job

Read the nbn Side Hustle report based on a survey of 1,208 Australians aged 18 years and over during November and
December 2016.

Apparently half of those surveyed would like to pursue a side hustle but have no idea what to do. A third of those know what their side hustle would be, but have no idea where to start. provides a platform for Australians to start their own side hustle. Select a common trade and service category like baking cakes, tutoring, bookkeeping, etc. Specify what days you want to work on the side, your experience and where appropriate, confirm that you have the necessary qualifications to legally do the job.

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