PHD Melbourne’s Simon Lawson argues that the rise of second jobs might not be such a bad thing. Simon wonders whether having employees with side hustles might actually make for more valuable employees.

PwC Australia thinks so. They’ve thrown out clauses deterring employees from having running side gigs

Forward thinking executives are realising that employees who pursue side hustles are among the most dynamic and entrepreneurial a company has. Employers might be ‘cutting off their nose to spite their face’ if they push them out the door.

Employers need to be having honest conversations with their staff. If an employee is exhausted from an all-nighter driving for Uber or Lyft then it’s probably not going to work out. On the flip side someone who enhances their current skillset through their side gig is going to add a lot of value to their day job.

Simon concludes with …

People with a diverse experience of the business world, including those with the courage to put some of their own money down in pursuit of a dream, are the type of people you want working for you in today’s fast-changing commercial world.

Read why Simon believes Side hustles might make for better employees via Mumbrella

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Are you ready to start your own side hustle?

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