It is with some irony that it is written rise of the online world has indeed seen computer markets becoming something of a rarity and embattled presence around Australia. While in years gone by the often confronting and challenging nature of setting of finding a particular part – or even building your own computer! – meant heading off to a computer market for an expert insight was a great idea; now a quick Google search shall bring up 10 results on the first page alone to problem-solve.

Yet, just the same as seeing fish in an aquarium is a completely difference experience to the ocean, so too does the opportunity to get out and about among the tech community, to see the specialist items on offer, and €˜talk shop’ face-to-face with someone in the computer sales business remain an eminently valuable experience. For all the wonders of the quick and easy search engine result, sometimes when you are in need of a particular issue fixed – or even just want to explore in person some of the latest tech on offer – then a computer market is absolutely hard to beat.

So, where to start when seeking out a computer market? There are a number of resources. Alongside the classic look through a local newspaper (yes, they still exist) or a community noticeboard, you’ll also find a number of listings online In particular, while a number of markets like Gosford or Newcastles’ in NSW can be found in rural or provincial Australia, generally a keen market-goer shall be best served by making a trip into a capital city, with Melbourne and Sydney boasting a number of good markets in the CBD or nearby.

Finally, while a seasoned tech guru shall doubtless feel in their domain at a computer market many newcomers may wonder what exactly to do on a visit if new, nervous, and a little ‘tech-unsure’? Well, while ‘results may vary’ dependent upon your level of tech knowledge, have a clear idea in mind of what you are looking for while you are there, and also a budget. That way you’ll be sure to have a good chance at finding that rare or specialist gear you need; and also resist the temptation to buy 20 mousepads with cute cat pictures for $100 (a GREAT mousepad but 20 is too many).

Computer Markets in Australia: A great way to get among the local tech community.

Disclaimer: while these markets are wonderful they can also be seasonal, subject to change of schedule, or discontinued for a time before mounting an eventual return. Accordingly, if in for a long commute be sure to place a call or email beforehand to confirm a market’s schedule.

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