Adobe, the software giant, found moonlighters take on multiple jobs for money (69%) and to pursue a passion (27%). Other reasons cited include networking opportunities, to gain new skills necessary to shift careers, to obtain more experience, to help others, for fun, and social interaction with other people.

Adobe suggests moonlighting is more common than people think, with 1 in 3 US citizens moonlighting and almost 1 in 4 UK citizens. Over half of office workers surveyed believe multiple jobs will be the norm in the future.

In Adobe’s Survey “Work in Progress” moonlighters are likely to be more optimistic and happier than their single-job coworkers.

For more information on the report, which discusses attitudes about office jobs and where the future of work is headed, visit has put together comprehensive analysis of the moonlighting component of the report. is a trade and services directory for people who want to ‘moonlight’. Its designed for motivated workers, retirees, stay-at-home mums, backpackers, carers, job seekers, students, etc. People that are motivated to do the thing they love or are good at outside their normal ‘job’. Here you’ll find electricians, cleaners, mechanics, and plumbers all wanting to earn some extra cash.

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