As anyone who has spent many a Sunday mornings wandering markets will tell you, the surrounding neighbourhood can have a big impact on the feeling of the overall market. It the market like a Beaumaris Farmer’s Market set in a seaside suburb with gum trees all over? It is like a Caulfield market, with great coffee and food for brunch just a stone’s throw away? – Just like Beaumaris and Caulfield, Hawthorn holds its own special appeal on account of its location.

Given its location close to Swinburne University, and the market’s location along a transport corridor to a number of other universities, the Hawthorn Crafts Market offers a wonderful mix of folks who have been visiting the market for years, as well as those who are new to the neighbourhood and have just begun selling some home made goods while studying at university.

What this means is the market offers a wonderful mix of handcrafted jewellery and homewares that shall win the hearts of the area’s youngest residents seeking to fill their homes and wardrobes, while also featuring cards and home baked treats that’ll appeal to all generations.

What’s more, as always, the ubiquity of gardeners and gardening goods are well represented here; so if you’re a green thumb you’ll be ready to buy up a new shrub to take home and grow tall.

What’s more, a particular appeal of the market for regular visitors is its spread across an indoor and outdoor location (held in a hall with stalls outside when weather goood) – so for those folks who find their market plans spoiled on Sunday by sudden rainfall – this event can be a real draw.

Located along Camberwell Road (and technically in the suburb next to Hawthorn though retaining its namesakes title), the surrounding area is at once a mix of cutting edge modernity and old world style. From the quaint shops adorned along the Camberwell Road shopping strip, to the historic Camberwell train station and the beautiful facade of the Catholic Basilica that provides a gorgeous backdrop to the market, all up this is a destination to visit on a Sunday where you wish for the feeling of a quaint market in the English countryside or a Bordeaux France.

Finally, though the Hawthorn Craft Market makes a great port of call by itself for a Sunday visit, just up the road the Camberwell Sunday Market is regularly held within the Station St carpark. For those who regularly enjoy a doubleheader market visit on their Sunday mornings, Camberwell is among the best suburbs to do so.

Ed Kennedy is an Australian journalist who has written widely on cities, entertainment and local attractions. Alongside his writing here, Ed can be found at and on twitter @Edkennedy01.

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